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Manicures and Pedicures


Enliven your senses with the fresh scent of citrus blends. Your manicure will include:
Shaping: nails will be shaped and smoothed to accommodate your hand type and lifestyle.
Cleaning: nails are cleaned and cuticles are clipped.
Finishing lotion: a deeply penetrating lotion that hydrates and restores elasticity to your skin.
Massage: relax and enjoy while your hands are gently massaged.
Polish: two coats of color.


Services in the regular manicure are enhanced with these additions:
Exfoliating: citrus exfoliating crystals are massaged into the skin and invigorating hot towels are applied.
Massage: an extensive massage of hands and forearms leave your hands feeling pampered and refreshed.


Add to any Manicure or Pedicure. Shellac is a gel polish that remains flawless for weeks without smudges or clipping. Shellac leaves a mirror finish look with no dry time.


Soak: a blend of soothing scents and antibacterial agents are added to relax and soften your feet.
Shaping: nails are trimmed and shaped for comfort and appearance. Soften: calluses and rough skin are gently removed.
Exfoliation: a blend of sea salts and citric acids exfoliate to leave your feet feeling soft and fresh.
Finishing lotion: a deeply penetrating lotion with the fresh scent of cucumber is applied to seal in moisture.