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Voci Customized Massage

Total Body Renewal

Our talented massage therapists will work with you to determine which combination of massage modalities is the perfect fit for you.


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Our custom massages are completely catered to the individual in what you are needing and wanting out of your massage. From a light fluid swedish pressure to a deep tissue massage. Your plan will be discussed with your massage therapist before the massage begins to make sure you receive the right amount of pressure and areas you are wanting treated.  You may choose between swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, sports or aromatherapy.

•  $75 / 25 min
•  $90 / 50 min
•  $125 / 80 min
•  $155 / 110 min

Specialty Massages

The therapeutic, relaxing techniques of Swedish massage are tailored to soothe and alleviate the discomfort of pregnancy. Extra attention is given to the neck, shoulders and lower back as well as swollen ankles and tired feet. An absolute must for any mom-to-be!

•  $75 / 25 min
•  $90 / 50 min
•  $125 / 80 min

Pathways in the feet correspond to specific areas of the body. Massage by trained technicians helps eliminate toxins, relax the entire body and stimulate healthy, functioning organs.

•  $50 / 25 min
•  $70 / 50 min

A soothing Swedish-style massage enhanced by applications of steamy hot towels and ending with a soothing lotion that hydrates and penetrates the tissues, amplifying the benefits of the massage itself.

•  $90 / 50 min
•  $120 / 80 min
•  $125 / 110 min

This is a relaxing, Swedish massage that incorporates the use of hot stones. Heat from the stones naturally relaxes the muscles allowing you to receive the benefits of a deeper massage without excessive pressure.

•  $135 / 80 min
•  $165 / 110 min

Blissful head to toe spa treatment with stones and essential oils. Like an extension of the hand, the stone, hot at first, moves gently yet deeply over the skin. It increases the effects of the aromatic face and body massage so that you fully relax until your body and mind completely let go. At the end of the treatment, the stone is used cold for a subtle energizing effect, with light pressure.

•  $110 / 80 min