Semi-Permanent Makeup

Micropigmentation in Charlotte

Micropigmentation, also referred to as semi-permanent makeup or dermal-pigmentation, is a process whereby completely natural inorganic pigments are implanted beneath the epidermis (top layer of skin), into the dermal layer (second layer of skin), by needle micro insertion.

Micropigmentation is a cosmetic tattoo resulting in beautiful, natural-looking results. You will choose the right color for you with our technician upon consultation. A consultation is required before the procedure.

Brows   $699   includes 1 touch up within a year
Eyeliner    $699    includes 1 touch up within a year


with VociMedSpa

  • No downtime and resumption of most normal activities within 24 hours for the majority of patients.
  • The pigments used are made from safe, generally non-reactive compounds approved by the FDA.
  • The process is relatively quick (for example, an upper and lower lash line takes about 30 to 40 minutes).
  • Skin returns to normal by the next day. Swelling or redness is generally mild.
  • Mild discomfort during procedure is avoided using topical and/or local anesthesia.
  • A good alternative for women with make-up allergies (although the procedure is designed to enhance features, not replace make-up altogether).
  • Pigments are individually mixed for customized results, and designed to look natural. Results can be seen immediately (although full end result will be seen in about three weeks).
  • The pigment/tattoo will fade over time.
  • Minimal cleansing to the eye/eyebrow area for 10 days. Avoid acid type cleansers (glycolic, lactic, salicylic, etc) for at least one week.
  • Keep area occluded with ONLY Vaseline. Other products such as Neosporin may pull pigment out.
  • No mascara or eyeliner for at least 5 days. Upon resuming usage purchase a new tube of mascara, since your old tube may introduce bacteria into a site that is not yet healed.
  • VociMedSpa cannot guarantee pigment to remain upon the use of Latisse. If you continue use please be aware pigment may not last.
  • Immediate exercise after the micropigmentation procedure may increase swelling and bruising. You may resume exercise after swelling/bruising has subsided.

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